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Hans-Jürgen Malles
Kennst du Friedrich Hölderlin?

Seine Werke gehört neben denen Goethes und Schillers zu den bedeutendsten der deutschen Klassik, auch wenn sein Leben im Wahnsinn endete. Eine Hinführung zum Verständnis von Hölderlins Persönlichkeit und Werk bietet Deutschlehrer Malles hier. Der Leser erhält Einblicke in ein facettenreiches Leben voller Höhen und Tiefen und darf teilhaben an Hölderlins Begeisterung für die Französische Revolution und die griechische Antike. Auch die Liebe zu Susette Gontard soll nicht unerwähnt bleiben.

The Loyal Wolf

The Loyal Wolf

Deutsche Internationale Schule Sharjah

Near an oasis there was a wolf pack. They lived in a very big cave. Once they were planning to go for a hunt. They found a lone little wolf in the desert, everybody suggested that they kill him as a snack. But Rex the male alpha said: »I feel really sorry for him, so we are going to take him home and he is really strong for his age.« They followed Rex’ suggestion and they called him Apollo. A week passed and the Queen the female alpha gave birth to Hercules.

Apollo was always bullied by the other wolves because he was adopted and was different, Hercules also didn’t like him. Apollo ignored them and went everyday to train in the wild to become the strongest wolf in the pack.

A couple of years passed and Rex has grown old he said that Hercules will be the new alpha because he is the stronger one. They didn’t know that Apollo went everyday to the wild to train and become the strongest one of the pack. Two weeks passed and suddenly a pack of five wolves came to Apollo and said loudly: »Apollo, you belong to us and if you don’t come we are going to kill you and the whole pack.« Apollo answered: »If you want to kill my pack you have to go through me first.« The rest of the pack surrounded them and were very exited they wanted to help him but no one cared about Apollo; they whispered to each other: »What did he get himself into«, and started laughing loudly.

The fight started, everybody was exited but then they saw the beginning how Apollo almost killed one and then they realized that Apollo was away the whole time to become stronger and to protect them incase of an emergency so Hercules and two of his friends, Fluffy and Max, joined the fight to help Apollo so they can defeat them. In the middle of the fight Apollo, Hercules, Fluffy and Max surrounded one of the wolves and attacked him from different directions and killed him. There were two more wolves they were scared so they ran off.

Hercules said to Apollo: »Sorry, brother, for the though times that we gave you I really feel guilty, so I am going to announce you as the new alpha!«

Investing in someones future might help you later on.

Hashem Salama, Klasse 7, Sharjah



Entnommen aus: Fabula Madrasa, Halle: mdv, 2020, S.28f.


Vorschaubild: Porträt Wolf, 2017, Urheber: christels via Pixabay CCO.

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