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Florian Russi

Lustige, spannende, fantasievolle Märchen über Zwerge, den Zauberer Krabat und den Müllergesellen Pumphut sind hier versammelt.

The Eagle and the Gazelle

The Eagle and the Gazelle

Deutsche Internationale Schule Sharjah

The gazelle woke up early one bright morning to go on some errands before she fawns woke up. Her only problem was the leopard in the area. She was scared he would eat her fawns if she left them alone. She started looking around, trying to figure out what to do.

Suddenly her eyes landed on a big, beautiful eagle sitting in a tree. She found him so beautiful, she immediately decided to ask him to keep an eye on her baby fawns, and to call her as loud as he can if they’re in danger. She went up to the tree and asked: »Beautiful, beautiful eagle, I need your help. Would you help me?« – »Hmm ... what do you want?«, he asked. »Keep an eye on my babies while I’m gone, please. I’m scared to leave them alone with the leopard around.« – »And why would I do that? What do I get out of it?« – »I’ll get you something to eat on my way back.« He thought about it for a moment before saying: »Deal!«

The answer satisfied the gazelle and she got on her way. Even though the beautiful eagle said he would take care of her fawns, she was still worried, so she tried her hardest to hurry up and not take too much time.

When she got back to the area she lives in, she decided to go check up on her fawns before going to the eagle. However, when she got there, she found no one and immediately started panicking. She called out their names but got no replies.

The gazelle went to the eagle and asked him where they were. »They’re gone«, he said. »What do you mean they’re gone? What happened to them? Where are my babies?« – »The leopard took them« – »But you said you would keep them safe. We had an agreement. I got you your food.« He started laughing and told her: »Sorry, but the leopard offered me something better. He offered to get me food every time he goes hunting.« He kept laughing. The gazelle didn’t know what to say. She was in shock. Her little fawns were gone. Forever. She headed back to the place they used to sleep and started sobbing.

Fine feathers don’t make fine birds.

Haya El Mansouri, Klasse 9, Sharjah



Entnommen aus: Fabula Madrasa, Halle: mdv, 2020, S.26f.



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