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Heft 2

B-Z! Das ist nett! (Teil 1)

In diesem Arbeitsheft werden alle Konsonanten eingeführt, die sich beim Sprechen gut dehnen lassen. Dazu kommen noch einige Vokale (Zwie- und Umlaute).

The Falcon and the Human

The Falcon and the Human

Deutsche Internationale Schule Abu Dhabi

Once upon a time there was a falcon who always liked being free. He didn’t like having an owner to take care of him because of the stories he had heard from other falcon elders are that humans are vulgar creatures and that they always hurt animals. So, he decided not to go near them.

One day the falcon was flying with his fellow friends because they wanted to race each other, and they did. They started the race but suddenly he bumped into a tree and fell down. The other fellows wanted to help him but they saw a human coming so they all flew away as quickly as possible. The woman saw the injured falcon and took him in to treat him and take care of him. He woke up and realized that he was in an unknown place. She came to check up on him and at the very moment the falcon tried to fly away but he couldn’t because he noticed that his wing was hurt so he went to the corner. She spotted the falcon so she tried to calm him down by putting food and water by his side. He stared at the food for a while. The woman knew that he didn’t want to eat in her presence so she left him alone and he immediately started eating the food. Once he finished he began wondering where he was so he started looking around. He saw that the door was left a little open so he tried to fly but he didn’t succeed. After hearing a noise, she immediately came and took him. The falcon still didn’t feel safe but he liked how the human took care of him so he let her help him. He stayed with her for a couple of days until he healed and in that time the falcon started liking the human more and more. Since he healed, she let him go and as soon as he was let go the falcon flew away up high in the sky.

He went to the other falcons and told them about his story with the human. They didn’t believe him at first so he took them to see the human. When she saw all the falcons coming, she was very happy to welcome them all and provide them with some food and water and that’s how the intimate interaction between falcon and human started.

Not everything said by someone is true, unless you see it for yourself.

Mariam Al Hameli, Klasse 7, Abu Dhabi



Entnommen aus: Fabula Madrasa, Halle: mdv, 2020, S.62ff.


Adam Fähnrich, Klasse 7, Abu Dhabi.

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